Land Rover of Naperville Explains: How to Know When to Replace Your Brakes

October 25th, 2021 by

Land Rover tire and brake inspection

The road to adventure can be fun but can also contain some bumps along the way. It’s important to notice the warning signs your vehicle gives you when it’s time for scheduled maintenance. In our first blog of the month, we at Land Rover of Naperville have outlined key things to keep an eye out for when it comes time to replace your brakes.

Noisy brakes

If you notice that familiar sound of screeching when using your brakes, it could mean that it’s time to replace them, but it doesn’t mean that your car’s brakes have completely failed.
Typically, when you hear this noise it’s the sound of a sensor within your brakes designed to detect metal wear. This sensor is giving you a heads up that it might be time to get some new brakes. It is important to note that you might also hear the noise when your vehicle has spent extended periods of time parked in damp conditions. In this scenario, thin layers of rust have formed on the brakes which can cause this screeching noise. The rust will eventually wear off after a short drive and several stops.

However, if you hear a grinding or growling sound when you use the brakes, take your vehicle in for service immediately. This is a sign that you have worn down your brake pads completely. The grinding noise you hear is caused by the disc and caliper rubbing together which can scratch your vehicle’s rotors which can create an uneven surface on your rotors. If left unattended, this will cause your rotors to potentially melt together and cause your brakes to stick together which is a huge safety hazard.

Low responsiveness

If your brake pedal feels like it sinks more than it should when you step on it, or if it feels like your vehicle takes longer than it should come to a complete stop, this could mean that you are low on brake fluid or if there is a leak somewhere within your brake line. Keep an eye out for brake fluid underneath your vehicle after it has been parked for a while. Brake fluid looks like clean motor oil. It’s recommended to take your vehicle in for immediate service if you notice a leak in the brake fluid or issues with low responsiveness.

Pulling to one side

If you notice that your vehicle pulls to the right or left when you brake this could be a sign that some brakes are working better than others and have worn unevenly. This can also be a brake fluid issue as well. Regardless of the issue, it is also recommended to take your vehicle in for service as soon as possible if you notice your vehicle pulls to one side when braking.

If you are noticing any of these things in your vehicle, it might be time for some new brakes. Thankfully Land Rover of Naperville can assist you! Schedule service with us today by giving us a call at 630.413.0694 or click here to schedule your Land Rover service.

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