Land Rover InControl 

If you are looking for a seamless way to integrate your smartphone with your vehicle infotainment system on Naperville and Bolingbrook drives, the Land Rover InControl® Apps™ in new Land Rover model is the way to go. This system is compatible with most Android™ and Apple iOS® smartphones, and this app enables you to access your favorite apps on the Land Rover InControl touchscreen. Check out our guide to Land Rover InControl® Apps™ at Land Rover of Naperville!


How Do I Set Up Land Rover InControl® Apps™?

Installing Land Rover InControl® Apps™ can be achieved in four easy steps:

  1. Search for Land Rover InControl® Apps™ in the Apple App Store or Google Play depending on the smartphone you have.
  2. Select the app, then download, accept, and install it.
  3. Make sure the installation was completed by finding the Land Rover InControl® Apps™ icon on your smartphone screen.
  4. Follow the Auto Quick Start Guide to complete setting it up.

Once you've installed Land Rover InControl® Apps™, follow these steps to connect it from your to the in-vehicle touchscreen:

  1. While in your vehicle, pair your smartphone to your vehicle's Bluetooth to enable phone calls and audio streaming.
  2. With the USB cord that came with your smartphone (not a charging-only cord), plug your phone into the InControl® Apps™ USB port (not a charging-only port).
  3. If you have an iPhone and InControl Apps is not currently open, open the app now.
  4. If you have an Android, select 'Always Allow'.
  5. Leaving your phone unlocked, select InControl Apps on your Land Rover touchscreen.
  6. Select View to use apps without audio and select View and Listen to use apps with audio.

If you want to connect third-party smartphone apps to your in-vehicle touchscreen via Land Rover InControl® Apps™, follow these remaining steps.

  1. On your vehicle touchscreen, third-party apps will be grayed out with a key symbol until the setup process is complete.
  2. Select one of the grayed out apps on your vehicle's touchscreen, read the instructions and press Start.
  3. On your mobile device, approve the pop-up that appears.
  4. On your vehicle touchscreen, press the home button.
  5. On your mobile device, approve the second pop-up that appears.
  6. Repeat for all third-party apps to unlock them on your Land Rover touchscreen.

What Apps Can I Use with Land Rover InControl® Apps™?

There is a wide range of apps that are already compatible with the Land Rover InControl® system, which means you can stay connected and informed on your commute or Chicagoland adventures:

  • News & Entertainment: Newsbeat, Rivet Radio, Rdio, Audiobooks, and Stitcher
  • Points of Interest: Cityseeker, Eventseeker, and Hotelseeker, and Parkopedia
  • Conference Calls and Online Meetings: MobileDay®
  • Navigation and GPS Tracking: Sygic and Glympse
  • Journey and Fuel Monitoring: Mileage Tracker Pro
Land Rover Incontrol Apps

What is the Land Rover InControl® Remote™ App?

While Land Rover InControl® Apps™ allow you to access smartphone apps right from your Land Rover, the Land Rover InControl® Remote™ app allows you to control and monitor your Land Rover on your smartphone or Apple Watch® when you aren't in the car. Some of these functions include:

  • Remote start
  • Lock/unlock Climate control
  • Vehicle tracker
  • Maintenance alerts
  • Fuel level monitoring

Control the Roads with Land Rover of Naperville

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