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If you like to take your dog for car rides around Naperville and Downers Grove, you'll be no stranger to dog hair-coated car seats. Find out some tips and tricks on how to get dog hair out of car seats and how to remove dog hair from cars in general. Then contact your local authorized Land Rover retailer if you have any questions or want more car care tips!


Household Hacks for Removing Dog Hair

Lint rollers and vacuum cleaners are go-to tools for removing pet hair, but you can also try out these tips for removing pet hair with household items, and find the best way to get dog hair out of cars that works for you:

  • Duct Tape/Packing Tape
  • Damp Rubber Gloves
  • Fabric Softener Sheets
  • Inflated Balloon: Use static electricity by rubbing a balloon over an area to collect hair.
  • Velcro Curlers: Just clean them again before human use!

Special Tools for Removing Dog Hair

If you have particularly stubborn pet hair stuck in your seats and carpeted mats, you may want to purchase specially-designed tools. There are a variety of options online, in auto supply stores, and even in pet stores: 

  • Pet Hair Roller: With a long handle, this tool sort of looks like a swiffer but with an ultra-sticky lint roller at the end.
  • Fabric Sweeper: This hand-held tool can be found in most major Chicagoland grocery stores, and uses two rollers in conjunction to remove pet hair and trap it in a compartment on the device.
  • Pet Hair Brush with Rubber Bristles: This product normally comes with different size rubber bristles on each side of the brush, and can be used either on your pet to pre-emptively remove any loose hair, or on upholstery.
  • Grooming/Deshedding Glove: This glove is designed to wear while you are petting your dog or cat. It's also a great tool for collecting hair from any nooks and crannies in your vehicle that other tools can't reach.
  • Pet Hair Removal Mitts: These mitts are made out of a soft fabric, and can gently remove dog hair from more delicate fabrics or leather upholstery without pulling at it or scratching it.
  • Fur Remover Broom: If you have dogs that shed A LOT in your car, bring out the big guns with this rubber bristle broom for an overall sweep of the seats, floor, or cargo area.
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LEATHER SEATS: Most of these tips are for removing hair from fabric seats. If you have to remove pet hair from leather upholstery, you need gentler tools to avoid scratching the leather. But on a positive note it tends to be an easier task--a wipedown with a microfiber cloth and lint roller is a gentle solution.

Tip for Dog Owners with Gardens

If you have pests eating up your garden, saving your dog's hair after removing it from your car might be your solution--rodents and deer are repelled by the scent of dog hair (and human hair). Put your dog's hair a breathable burlap bag next to a plant, or sprinkle it around the edge of your garden to ward of hungry critters.

Get More Tips at Land Rover of Naperville

Find out more about available parts and accessories that can help with the amount of hair in your vehicle, like seat covers and built-in vacuum cleaners. These tools can help pet owners keep your cars spiffy for everything from business trips to drives over to the family favorite Mexican restaurant. If you want to save time and elbow grease, visit your local authorized service center near Bolingbrook and Aurora for a professional cleaning.