Land Rover Lease Turn in Options

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Leasing a vehicle comes with many benefits. The greatest benefit of leasing a car is lower out-of-pockets costs when acquiring and maintaining a Land Rover.  When leasing, you can put little or no down payment, roll your upfront taxes and fees into the monthly payment, and you can usually get more features and options that you wouldn’t necessarily get if you financed. If you’re trying to stay within a certain payment range and you get the pleasure of owning a new car every few years.  In addition, most lease terms keep you within the warranty and maintenance period…
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Let Land Rover of Naperville Help You Find the Perfect Car

With large amounts of inventory arriving weekly and so many ways save, let our team at Land Rover of Naperville find you the perfect Range Rover, Range Rover EvoqueDiscovery or used vehicle.
Land Rover USA is running at full speed since re-opening earlier and going “Above and Beyond” to satisfy the demands. In addition, they continue to provide fantastic lease and purchase options that we don’t want you to miss, plus our team at Land Rover of Naperville has the tools to find the vehicle that fits your lifestyle and needs.  
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6 Ways to Save When Buying a New Land Rover or Certified Pre-Owned Land Rover from Land Rover of Naperville

At Land Rover of Naperville, we are dedicated to making it easier for you to shop for car. 
This article provides 6 ways to help you save thousands and help you understand why our Client Advisors take the time to get to know all about you when you’re buying with us.
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At the beginning of every month, Land Rover USA announces new programs that are applicable towards the purchase or lease of a new Land Rover or certified pre-owned Land Rover. Below is a list of the most popular programs offered:  
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Why Buy a Service Loaner or Courtesy Transportation Vehicle?

Going Above and Beyond with Land Rover is right at your fingertips--but you may be shopping on a limited budget, or you just want to save a few thousand dollars on your purchase. To hit all the must-haves on your list, you're likely considering buying a used or Certified Pre-Owned Land Rover model or something you think is more affordable so why not consider a service loaner or courtesy transportation…

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Benefits of Trading in Your Vehicle at Land Rover of Naperville

Shoppers love the convenience of trading in, since it completes all auto-related chores in one dealership visit. We can help avoid the headache of selling your old car and, as a bonus, Land Rover of Naperville handles all the DMV paperwork. And in some states, trading in can provide a break in sales tax.

This article will explain the different processes involved.

It is the easiest and fastest way.  If you are looking to get a new vehicle, all you need to do is tell your Land Rover of Naperville Client Advisor you would like to trade in your current…

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Why Service your Land Rover at Land Rover of Naperville?

Your journey with Land Rover of Naperville does not stop after your purchase.  Our factory trained & certified service team is here to help continue to keep your Land Rover looking and running like new.  Our service center not only handles your regularly scheduled Land Rover maintenance, but we provide the services below:
Detail Work (Full, Exterior or Interior)
Dent / Paintless Removal
Alloy Wheel Repair
Car Interior Repair
Auto Glass Repair
Tire Repair / Replacement
Land Rover Certified Collision or Body Shop Repairs
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Land Rover Buying & Servicing Tips

Start the buying process with Land Rover of Naperville true car pricing when shopping for a New Land Rover, Used, Certified Pre-Owned Land Rover, Retired Service Loaner or Demonstrator. 

Our trained and seasoned managers go to great lengths to make sure every vehicle we have in stock is priced competitively based on our market.  When we order cars, we make sure we have a variety of models properly equipped and ready for you to drive.

Shopping on 3rd party sites may be helpful to narrow down vehicle choices but when it comes to pricing, it is best to shop…

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What is Frigi-Fresh?

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Tests of air being blown through the air conditioning system of a vehicle indicated that there were 500 colonies of mold spores in the evaporator core and housing. BG Frigi-Fresh was sprayed into the air intake vent for 15 seconds with the air conditioner set on "normal" and fan running at medium speed. Ten minutes after BG Frigi-Fresh was sprayed into the system, only 14 colonies remained. After 10 more minutes, only seven colonies were alive. Thirty minutes after treatment with BG Frigi-Fresh, testing showed that all mold and fungi had been eliminated from the system.
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